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We produce our elevators with high passenger safety and options with various features. Because our main goal is to create a sense of sustainable trust as well as offering a wide range of Traction, Machine-Room-Less or Hydraulic lifts with stylish and robust cab options designed to meet your transportation needs in every direction.

  • Door control (opening/closing)
  • Photocell
  • Door press sensor
  • Elevator cab digital display
  • Elevator cab emergency light
  • Elevator cab ventilation
  • Elevator cab automatic light
  • Loud and bright warning alarm
  • Contactor protection abnormal cruise time monitoring and protection
  • Parking floor
  • Working in reservation
  • Motion and posture control with encoder
  • Frequency controlled drive system VVVF
  • Speed from 0.25 m / s to 4.0 m / s

Common Questions

Do you provide maintenance services?
We provide maintenance services in Central Anatolia, Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Central and Western Black Sea regions.
Do you build all types of elevators?
Yes. We manufacture elevators in all of the above-mentioned categories. And apart from these, we also manufacture specially certified elevators.
Do you make up for the license and annual scientific control deficiencies?
Yes. We are working on green, blue, yellow and red labels, especially for our own products and the units we take care of. We also provide consultancy services in this regard.
What are the best uses for hydraulic elevators?
Hydraulic elevators are actually not an optimum solution in today's elevator technologies. It is preferred in places where the top floor height of the construction cannot be built above the well, where the depth of the well is not constructable and the cruising distance and speed are not high.