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We produce our escalators and moving walkways with high passenger safety and options with various features. Because our main goal is to create a sense of sustainable trust as well as offering a wide range of escalators/moving walkways with durable and hygienic options designed to meet your transportation needs in every direction.



Specification Escalator M. Walkway
Driver Chain Switch        
Skirt Switches        
Handrail Input Switch        
Step/Pallete Chain Switches        
Step/Pallete Inclination Switches        
Phase Control        
Motor Overload Control        
Motor Overheat Control        
Step Gap Lighting        
Maintainer Safety Lock        
Buzzer Alarm        
Handrail Speed Control        
Step/Pallete Anti-static Skirt Brushes        
Emergency Stop Buttons        
Step/Pallete Protection Panels        
Handrail Anti-static Wheel        
Service Break Release Switch        
Primary Schaft Safety Break        


Specification Escalator M. Walkway
Handrail Color        
Step/Pallete Color        
Step Safety Border Line        
Dry Contact        
Automatic Oiling System        
Broken Step Contact        
Skirt Safety Brush        
Skirt Lighting        
Frequency Drive Control        
Automatic Movement        
Comb Heating        
Body Heating        
Comb Lighting        
Traffic Lightings        
Exterior Covering        
Energy Saving